About Us

Lawsuits can be intimidating, scary and cause great anxiety and insecurity. Sibrevis is a secure communications platform that addresses the basic concerns of lack of information and communication. 
What is Sibrevis? 
Sibrevis is a secure legal communication platform that allows lawyers and their clients to communicate and access pertinent case information in real time. 
Lawyers and their clients can log in and review their case status and access vital information like court documents, case notes and scheduling details in real time without the hassle of time-consuming phone calls or emails. 
Lawyers simply upload relevant court documents and discovery and schedule upcoming events on the calendar. Clients can easily log in and review their case and appointments which gives them the ability to educate and inform themselves in real time. 
Why Sibrevis? 
Communication in lawsuits is the key to success. When our clients are educated and informed about their case they become better clients, better witnesses and at ease with their decision. 
Sibrevis helps alleviate the pain and anxiety of not knowing what is happening and helps curtail the costs of expensive direct phone calls or multiple back-and-forth emails. 
Our platform provides your clients with easy and targeted information that will help educate them and gives them exactly what you and they need to provide for a successful outcome. 
Our core offer is a secure, simple, real-time communication platform for lawyers and their clients. Lawyers can upload notes, events, and documentation to the platform where their clients will be immediately notified. Clients will be informed and relieved to see their case heading in the right direction without long delays, massive costs or lengthy email chains and time consuming phone calls.