Why Sibrevis?
We understand that communication in lawsuits is the key to success. We also know that when our clients are educated and informed about their cases, they become better clients, better witnesses, and make our work much easier. 

Sibrevis was developed as an answer to the back-and-forth communication that lawyers deal with when relying on email or phone calls. With Sibrevis, lawyers can save time sharing vital information with their clients, while clients can breathe easy knowing they can easily access all of the details of their case in one secure place.

Sibrevis was built to address the biggest concern that clients raise - communication.
Sibrevis is a secure legal communication platform that simplifies discourse between lawyers and their clients. Lawyers simply upload relevant court documents, notes, scheduling details, and other pertinent information. Clients are able to log in and review their case status and access vital information in real time, without the need for time-consuming phone calls or emails.
Streamline communication, save more time, and keep clients informed with Sibrevis.
Easy, "all in one place"  access for lawyer to update their cases and communicate directly with their clients
Concise and clear dashboard for clients to get up to date information on their case
Comprehensive and efficient dashboard for administrators to track their case inventory
Sibrevis Features
All Client Communication in One Place

Stores all pertinent case documents in a centralized location for easy access.

Real-Time Communication

Easily keep clients up to date with minimal time commitment.

Safe, Secure, and Easy to Use

Secure document storage that is easily accessible.

Client-Centered, Lawyer Friendly

Keep clients informed, confident, and happy, while saving time and simplifying your workflow.

Communication is the foundation to a successful outcome in my lawsuits. Sibrevis has torn down any of the communication boundaries between me and my clients.
- Current Family Law Attorney and Sibrevis User
My clients feel so much more satisfied with my service to have "real-time" access to their cases.
- Current Criminal Defense Lawyer and Sibrevis User